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“Our first ride was up Latigo Canyon, it was so neat to be a part of a stellar group of Rapha Women Ambassadors rolling North on the PCH, with non-other than the great SAGmonkey leading the way on his scooter!”

Elizabeth Bud Reeder

“The Rapha Women Ambassadors may be getting some rest before their last big day but for some the work continues. SAGmonkey is cleaning bikes, doing laundry and cooking food for the women’s last ride. He’s been pulling 16 hour days and is always smiling. We couldn’t do it without you Nick Nicastro you rock!”

Paige Dunn

“Nick is one of the most amazingly helpful and passionate people I have ever met. The CNN Fit Nation training week would not have been possible without SAGmonkey!”

Chrissie Wellington

“Nick is a great Chef and the food he prepares for our daily meals is outstanding. It’s like eating at a gourmet restaurant every evening during our bike tour!”

Monica Moreno

“I am very impressed with Nick and his company SAGmonkey and I highly recommend the service. In fact, I don’t think the pros have it this good!”

Jens Voigt

“I have known Nick for over twenty years during his years doing triathlons and fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team-in-Training. Nick brings all the years of restaurant ownership and his love for the sport of triathlon and cycling into his current business that provides excellent SAG support, bicycle repairs, and catering services for cycling tours.”

Barbara Smalley

“SAG and the monkeys encompass all of the aspects of true sincere hospitality in their support services for athletes. The food (which is cooked onsite) was fresh, healthy, and delicious with plenty of menu choices for all dietary needs.”

Chris Hauth

“The support before, during and after every ride was top notch as any maintenance issues or nutrition needs were well met and resolved with high expertise.”

Craig Upton

“SAG is an acronym for “Support And Gear” or “Support And Grub.” A SAG wagon is also known as a “Broom Wagon:  A support vehicle following a group of cyclists in a race, tour or recreational ride that may carry equipment, food, rider luggage, or mechanics. May also pick up riders unable to continue.” What it amounts to is all kinds of help along the route and I ended up using it all. The ride was even more challenging than I had anticipated. I could not have done it without SAGmonkey”

Nancy Russel

Slowtwitch.com “Used them for the first time this year as they transported some stuff to a Team camp for us. Great service and they go above and beyond to make sure that you are taken care of. I hadn’t heard of them before February and am truly surprised they aren’t mentioned more. We had a guy have horrible luck with flats and he spent a couple of hours making sure he was sorted out and getting him back with the group. Besides providing a great service, the owner is just plain cool. He does it because he loves helping athletes with their races and training, not because he is out to make tons of money. This is sort of a retirement gig for him and his love for the sport of cycling/triathlon truly shows through. If you do go with him, I am sure you wouldn’t be disappointed.”

“What an incredible experience SAGmonkey rocks”