Our professional bike repair services include a simple tire change to a more complex and complete overhaul to a fine tune up and derailleur adjustment. We also work on full suspension, hydraulic and disc brakes, road or off road.

SAG North America powered by SAGmonkey® was founded on the principles of good old fashion hard work and dedication to your needs. Our goal is to keep your bicycle running smoothly and safe!

Bike maintenance is our specialty and we offer a variety of options. We are a mobile professional and versatile bike repair shop carrying the latest and most complete set of tools and gear. We can tune, build, rebuild, and fix anything that you are having challenges with. We also provide everything from spring clean-ups, chain and cable maintenance, lubrication, derailleur adjustments, wheel truing, we grease hubs, headsets and bottom brackets, replaces rims, inner tubes, spokes, and we always have dozens of commonly replaced parts.

If you are a road cyclist, triathlete, downhill racer, cycle cross competitor, ride BMX, weekend mountain bike warrior or just cruising around town to the farmers market, regardless of your choice of getting around, you just LOVE cycling! Well, now imagine a mobile bicycle repair service in which you have the privilege of being treated like a pro by a professional bike mechanic!

We travel to your home, race, triathlon, health club, school or office to fix your bicycle. Our mobile bike repair service has a complimentary pick up and delivery option which saves two trips to the bike shop, one to bring your bike and the other to pick it up. Furthermore, your bike is up and running in an hour or two, rather than in a few days.

Bike Maintenance Lesson
How about a class to learn bike repair on your own or with a few friends, we can accommodate a private bicycle repair lesson for groups from 2–10 people. We’ll bring all of the tools, work stands, and supplies needed for your bike repair lesson to be a success. We can even provide a catered lunch!  Our at-home tune-ups give our clients the opportunity to watch and learn.


  • Aero Bar Install – $45
  • Aero Bar Ends Install – $10
  • Bicycle Detail – $50
  • Bicycle Disassemble (for shipping) – $100
  • Bottle Cage Install – $15
  • BB Overhaul (cup and cone) – $40
  • BB Replace (bearings) – $10
  • Brake (one) Adjust – $15
  • Brake (one) Bleed – $40
  • Brake (one) Install Disc Brake – $35
  • Brake (one) Install Linear/Canti. – $25
  • Brake Pads Replace – $25
  • Cables Replace w/Housing – $25
  • Chain Replace – $25
  • Complete Tune Up Lube and Adjust – $110
  • Computer (w/o cadence) Install – $15 – $35
  • Computer (with cadence) Install – $15 – $35
  • Derailleur Adjust – $20
  • Derailleur Replace – $35
  • Di2 Installation – $250
  • Drivetrain Clean/Lube – $50
  • Fenders Install – $25
  • Fork Replace – $50
  • Fork Replace Oil/Overhaul – $65
  • Frame Align Gear Hanger – $15
  • Frame Custom Assemble – $145
  • Freewheel Remove and Replace – $15
  • Grips Install – $15
  • Handlebar Tape – $30
  • Handlebar MTB Replace – $30
  • Handlebar, Road Replace – $45
  • Headset Adjust – $15
  • Headset Overhaul – $25
  • Headset Replace – $50
  • Hub Adjust – $20
  • Hub Front Overhaul – $25
  • Hub Rear Overhaul $25
  • Overhaul Bike – $225
  • Pedals Pair Install – $15
  • Pedals Pair Overhaul – $20
  • Replace Spoke – $30
  • Shifters Replace (MTB) – $35
  • Shifters Replace (STI) – $35
  • Stem Install – $25
  • Suspension Set-up/Adjust – $15
  • Tire/Tube Replace – $15
  • Tire/Tube, Off bike Replace – $10
  • Tire/Tube, Rear Replace – $15
  • Wheel Build – $95
  • Wheel True – $25


  • True Wheels
  • Clean Drivetrain
  • Lube All Pivot Points
  • Adjust Brakes
    (replace cables if necessary)
  • Adjust derailleurs
    (replace cables if necessary)
  • Adjust Crankset
    (replace bearing if necessary)
  • Lube Chain
    (replace if necessary)
  • Adjust Headset
  • Adjust Hubs
  • TOTAL $110

A complete tune up is a complete inspection, cleaning, adjustment, and lubrication of your bicycle. We adjust gears and brakes, true wheels, adjust the headset, bottom bracket, axle cones and check all nuts and bolts to the appropriate torque specification during a tune up. 

During a tune-up, we perform all repairs necessary to put your bike into the best shape it can be in for safe and reliable operation. Parts and installation labor are not included. We recommend tune-ups four times a year at a minimum for all bikes.

A bike overhaul completely reconditions your bike. If your bike is so grimy and dirty that a tune up will be ineffective, then you need an overhaul. If you have a premium bike and equipment, overhauls are recommended more often, about once or twice per year, depending on time in the saddle. An overhaul will keep your bike and its gear in that premium class!

If your bike is tired, dirty and sad looking …an overhaul will breathe new life into it!

A Professional Overhaul is $225 which includes the complete tune up but does not include parts such as new cables, new housing and a new chain.


Safety checks and estimates are free!