On Friday March 21st 2014, 14 women from around the USA gathered in Los Angeles to discuss the state of cycling.

The Rapha Women Ambassadors met for an informal training camp, while discussing the state of affairs in clothing and racing. The Calling, as it has become known, served as a reboot for the Ambassador program, as well as a first-time meeting for many of the women involved.

Then, after the weekend came to a close, six of the women rode from L.A. to Sacramento, following the 2014 Tour of California route. Retracing the tire tracks of the Rapha Continental, who followed the route in 2009, these women tackled everything that California in late March had to offer them, from coastal highways to some of the best climbs in the country.

SAGmonkey provided the professional support for the Women Ambassadors. Mechanical support, SAG, laundry service, hydration, nutrition and SAGmonkey homemade rice cakes made with maple and hickory bacon, chocolate chips with blueberry, kale mixed with roasted chicken, peanut butter with carob chips and coconut with red lentils.

Rapha North America Women Ambassadors

Abby Watson – Portland, OR – @abbylwatson
Alie Giaime – NYC (new ambassador) – @pink7grl
Beth Strickland – Emmaus, PA – @bikebeth
Cynthia Young – Vancouver, BC – @youngcynthia
Elizabeth Reeder – Los Angeles, CA (new ambassador) – @ereederreadsanereader
Erika Christensen – Los Angeles, CA – @erikachristensen
Julie Krasniak – Portand, OR – @krasniakjulie
Kelton Wright – Los Angeles, CA (new ambassador) – @ktonic
Kim Cross – Birmingham, AL – @kimhcross
Lindsay Knight – Chicago, IL (new ambassador) – @lindsay_h_knight
Meredith Miller – Boulder, CO (new ambassador) – @mmcyclist
Pia Scaroni – San Francisco, CA (new ambassador) – @Pscaroni
Rachael Lambert – Durham, NC (new ambassador) – @raelambo
Sarai Snyder – Boulder, CO – @cyclofemme

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