CBCG Coaching Camp

Heather Jackson and I met at a pro camp in Tucson years ago, and then spent each subsequent spring suffering on rides, runs, and swims around the city’s legendary training spots: Mount Lemmon, Madera Canyon, Pistol Hill, Cactus Forest, Saguaro East, U of A, The River Trail. This is your chance to do the same, training with Heather in the places that set the foundation for her Kona successes over the past three seasons (and where she calls home part of the time!). Not only do you get to train with HJ, you get the benefits of our usual amazing camps, such as:

  • Fully sagged/vehicle-supported bike rides, with the masterful support of The Sag Monkey, to Madera CanyonMount Lemmon, and Saguaro East National Park.
  • Pool sessions at Ventana Lodge, coached by Chris Bagg, head coach for the US Masters group at Nike World Headquarters.
  • Video-analysis of your swim stroke, with a personalized video you take home with you after camp.
  • Track, fartlek, and tempo runs, supported by your coaches on bikes, in and around Tucson’s great running resources: River Trail, Cactus Forest, Powerline.
  • Wattie Ink. custom aero cycling kit, unique to the Tucson Camp.
  • Massage and support from professional soigneur and mechanic The Sag Monkey
  • Visits, lectures, and workouts from the other Wattie Ink. professional triathletes.
  • Lectures from the CBCG coaches and outside experts on a variety of subjects: training nutrition, swim technique, mental skills, recovery practices.
  • Housing at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, a luxury facility that will leave you well rested and fully recovered for each workout.
  • Food cooked by CBCG head coach, Chris Bagg, a former professional cook.
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