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Say the name “California” to an outsider, and the conjured mental images are almost universal. Movie stars, beaches, the Golden Gate Bridge, progressive politics, perpetual sun, and the unending freeway-driven sprawl of Southern California percolate. But, for those of us who live here, there is a vast, unexplored middle between — and around — the sometimes-dueling dual capital cities of the mighty California Republic. Los Angeles and San Francisco — two great cities, the crown jewels of the coastal empire. At the edge of the Pacific, they’ve long served as a gateway to the Far East, places of mystery and intrigue, of new beginnings and of wide-open spaces. The destination of millions of migrants, their strength and their draw, at the beating heart, lies in their place, places of awe and grandeur.

Words: Nate King

Image: Embry Rucker

The Tour: Escape from LA


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