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Q: Do I need to bring anything on a supported century ride that has aid stations?

You can show up empty-handed at a century ride, but we don’t recommend it. Even well-supported rides offer mostly just the basics: sports drinks, gels, energy bars, bananas, and a mechanic or two for minor bike repairs. In addition to essentials like your ID, insurance and credit cards, some cash, a mini-tool, and flat-repair items, a few secret weapons can make the difference between surviving and thriving. For starters, pack your own snacks and drinks if the event doesn’t offer your favorites or you’re finicky. It’s always a good idea to wear emergency identification like Road ID. And bring sunscreen, lip balm, and a single-use packet of chamois cream says Nick Nicastro, founder of SAGmonkey, a company in the San Francisco Bay area that provides pro-style support services for athletes and events.

Article : Bicycle Magazine

Image : Embry Rucker

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