Rapha : The Calling

So, what was The Calling? It was like a giant slumber party, but instead of gossiping over boys we were all head over heels in-love with bikes, the one thing that really unites all of us. The amount of energy in the house was indescribable – every morning I woke up, I would sneak down into the kitchen groggy eyed for the first cup of coffee and then run back up to my room – when I would return down for food the kitchen was always buzzing with excitement.

Our first ride was up Latigo canyon, well…at least half way up – due to our busy schedules we had huge time constraints – It was so neat to be a part of a stellar group rolling North on the PCH, with non-other than the great SAGmonkey leading the way on his scooter.

Words : Elizabeth Bud Reeder

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