The Coast Ride 2006


Cycling on the west coast of Washington, Oregon or California is such an amazing opportunity.

An example of this is the ride from San Francisco to San Diego better know as “The Coast Ride.” It is a cycling adventure, which takes full advantage of the incredible Pacific Coastal views and the proximity of such good bike touring landscape.

Each year thousands of riders converge on highway one covering over 500 miles from San Francisco to Southern California. Perhaps it’s the power of camaraderie, or the appeal of the west coast, or maybe just the love of riding a bike, or a bit of it all that bring riders from all over the country, with such a wide variety of skill levels to make this rewarding trek down the coast.

Originally a bunch of very accomplished pro and elite triathletes in the early 90’s started “The Coast Ride.” The first few years consisted of carrying backpacks down the coast with no SAG.  Then friends and spouses would join to help with gear transport. It all changed when SAGmonkey was born. That was the end of self-supported rides.

The reassurance of your gear being carried, all lodging, logistics and meals being taken care of and the confidence knowing you are being professionally supported by mechanics, elite massage therapists, chefs, nutritionists, well equipped SAG vehicles, gear trailers and a mobile kitchen providing meals and ride nutrition, enables you the opportunity to truly enjoy the journey.

Cycling is so special. Being able to give fellow cyclists the opportunity to experience the joy that comes from bike touring makes what we do not feel like a job but an honor, a joy and a privilege. #getoutandride #enjoythejourney #doepicshit

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